Patient Services

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Lovelace Health System announced the purchase of Southwest Medical Associates in October of 2012, bringing the physician practice into the Lovelace network of providers. 

Southwest Medical Associates (SMA) was established in Albuquerque in 1979. SMA has been able to provide quality and timely healthcare to residents of Albuquerque and the surrounding area for over 30 years because our doctors take the time to listen to our patients. Because we listen carefully we have been able to learn and grow, not only as doctors, but in the scope of medical services we offer our patients.

Since 1979, SMA has grown from a small group of Internal Medicine Physicians to more than 50 physicians in mutiple locations offering a growing number of specialties and services. As SMA broadened our practice we evolved from Internal Medicine Associates to Internal and Family Medical Associates to Southwest Medical Associates. These changes were always in response to our patients’ requests for more services.

SMA providers and staff take the time to meet with you and answer all your questions, because it's important that you understand your body and the importance of every decision you make about your health care. We want you to feel at ease. We treat you with the respect and personal attention you deserve, because we value you as our patient.  

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 Southwest Medical Associates offers quick and direct access to medical care:

  • Same Day Appointments and Extended Office Hours for your convenience
  • General Radiology Services available on-site at the time of your appointment with your physician or Licensed Certified Nurse Practitioner
  • Medical Laboratory Services for most routine Lab Tests at the time of your appointment - no driving to a lab
  • Digital Mammography Services (diagnostic screening for breast cancer) available on-site in a pleasant and comfortable environment
  • Bone Density Testing available at the NS location
  • Prompt and personal medical care, provided at clinics located for your convenience
  • Timely medical care with most individuals seen by the physician within twenty minutes of their appointment time